Sunday, March 10, 2013

The time has come

Two more days until I get to pick my baby up from the orphange and never take her back there.  I am so excited!  The plan is to get her at the orphanage, we'll go to the visa appointment at the embassy on Wednesday morning, then wait for all the paperwork to come.  Family and friends are going to meet us at the airport when we arrive over the weekend. 

I just can't believe the time has come.  This past week has been insanely busy.  I just got back from 2 weeks in England.  I was unpacking from that trip..and adjusting to the new time zone.. packing for this trip.  I've never packed for a baby before.  There are so many things to think about.  I hope I have enough hands.  I think I've brought an entire medicine cabinet, "just in case".  I've brought gifts for everyone in Haiti.  I made nice little gift bags with watches, bracelets, earings, and candy for her nannies (14 of them).  I made a photo book for her birth mother.  I'm trying to arrange a birth mother visit.  I've also packed an empty photo book so when I send pictures down to Haiti, the birth mother can have an album to put them in.  I've brought gifts for my good friend, Domond, and his family.  They have hosted me, taken me around to places, and been there when I needed them.  I am grateful. 

At this point my head is spinning.  I think I've checked everything off of all the lists I had to get done.  I have one more day of work, then I'll leave for Chicago tomorrow night.  My friend Becky will come and hang out with me while I'm in Chicago.  It's awesome that I met Becky before I started this journey.  She helped me a lot in December when I had to rush to Haiti.  I'll see her as I go on this trip.. and she and Jenni will be in Indy when the baby and I come to Indianapolis next week!  So great! 

So I've checked things off my list.. at this point, it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  I am so excited to see her again.  Sophia.  Since I'm not a good blogger, I can't remember if I mentioned that before.  I've decided to name her Sophia.  I'm so excited to see Sophia again.  She will not be an orphan in two days.  wow.  amazing.  I'm also so very excited to bring Sophia into my family.  I can't wait for them all to meet her.  They've been hearing all about her and seeing pictures..but wow, meeting her after all this time. 

I am amazed this moment has finally come.  After all the roadblocks that have been in the way throughout this process.  This is our week, Sophia!  No more goodbyes!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birth parent interview

The best news since I received the adoption decree came today.  Isnaika's birth mother went to the US embassy for the required interview.  This is an important step in the adoption process.  Although she is legally my child in Haiti, I cannot bring her to the US just yet.  The US government requires an interview with the birth parent (if alive).  They want to know that the birth parent understands they will never see the child again and were not paid for the child. 

All I can say for now is, if I hadn't have gone to Haiti in December...investigated why the birth mother did not go to the November appointment, she would not have been there today, which could have very easily led to many many more months waiting in the process.  I'm so thankful.  The orphanage had no clue where the birth mother lived and it's only because I met the birth mother in September and ASKED her , "where do you live?" (and wrote it down).  I took her picture.  I documented everything... and I made sure that the right people had the right information at the orphanage and made sure the birth mother was a needle in a haystack.  very very very stressful.  It's been a long few months with this appointment weighing on my shoulders.  Relying on others, who quite frankly, just don't care as much as I do...  I'm so happy to say, she went to the interview.  Now, I'm waiting to find out from the US embassy that all is well.  They need to believe she is actually the birth mother (otherwise I will have to pay for a DNA test), believe her story, and give me approval. 

Next steps:  waiting for her cute little picture on a very nice haitian passport.  Then....  on to the embassy for a US visa.... then... HOME.  wow, coming soon!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A little behind on blogging

Hi everyone,
I'm a little behind updating the blog.  I'll hit some quick highlights and update more later:

This week, I'm waiting for confimation that Isnaika has a Haitian passport.
Next week, I need her birth mother to go to the US embassy for an appointment.  Please pray this happens.  If this does not happen, it will add several months to my adoption.
If the birthmother shows up, then the paperwork can enter in the US visa process.. and I will be going to Haiti soon (early March?) to pick up my little Lamb! 

I've received an update on her health - the orphanage says she is feeling much better since the Christmas incident. I just need to get her home so she can be in a clean environment. 

Hoping and praying!

More to come!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Please pray

Just found out Isnaika is in the hospital.  ugh.
Severe dehydration.  Had been vomiting and diahrea on the weekend. 

Sounds simple...but the thing that is concerning is that the orphanage has they can deal with dehydration so there is more to this story that I am aware of. 

One of the little kids that came home from the orphanage has been in the hospital with 106 fever..and they found he has ecoli...which can spread.  He just left the orphanage a few weeks ago. 

They're going to run some bloodwork so supposedly I'll know more tomrrow. 

I'm probably going to buy a plane ticket to go there by this wekeend.

Friday, November 30, 2012

More to do...

Well I've procrastinated long enough, the new house is clean and today is the day!  I'll be updating my homestudy today.  So, a social worker will come and check the house out.  Also, I have to get a physical, get massive blood tests, state criminal background, county criminal background ( um isn't the county in the state?!), financial report, water bill, two months of paycheck stubs, etc...I did is all one year ago.  And Indiana refers me to do it all over.  Ugh.  Almost done.

Thinking of my little Lamb today!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Isnaika Marcelin Lamb

This is her name as of......NOW!  It's official!  She is my daughter!  Legally my daughter.  A new little Lamb is added to the family.  I'm in shock.  What a great day!

What does this mean?  I could go to Haiti today, remove her from the orphanage and keep her forever!

BUT....... I can't bring her to the US until I finish a few more steps.  Visa. Passport..medical exams. Etc.  I don't know how long these will take.  One month?  Three months?   I also have an appointment for her birth mother to be interviewed by the embassy.  Unfortunately, that's not until January 30.  So, well see.

Until then, I'll keep waiting.

And ps.  I'll go through a re- adoption in the states where I'll rename her.  Still deciding on things.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

What a trip!

Wow - so much time has gone by since I've last posted.  I'm sorry! 
Let me say, I had the best trip ever in September.  Many different things happened which allowed me to truly enjoy my time in Haiti, with my baby. 

First of all, I have to say thank you to my very good friend Bertony and his family for hosting me.  He's always allowing me to stay in his house and taking me to and from where I need to go.  I truly appreciate his friendship and what he has done for me. 

The orphanage has a strict policy that you can only take the child out of the orphanage and be at a certain hotel.  I have my opinions about that...but in any case, I continue to stay with my friend Bertony and just see Isnaika during the day.  When I came the last time, I stayed my entire time at the orphanage.  It was a very tiring trip because I couldnt have any real alone time with Isnaika.  100 other kids were constantly coming up to me.  Her toys seemed to have legs and walk away.  It was also very very hot and there was no really good place to sit.  All day long.  For a week.  This trip, I was fortunate enough to go when my adoption agency representative went.  He told me I could bring her to the hotel where the other parents are. 

So every day, I'd go to the orphanage, pick up Isnaika, and go to the hotel.  It was great because I could see the nannys every day, but also go and hang out with the other adoptive parents.  What a treat.  I really feel fortunate to be among those other parents.  There are some pretty wonderful people adopting from Haiti.  Jen, for example, went to adopt one.  Was asked by his birth mom to adopt his older brother.  She accepted.  She then also fell in love with baby V who, at the time, had a ton of medical issues.  Now Jen will be V's mom too!  So, every day, I would have Isnaika in one arm and V in the other...going through the bumpy streets of Port au prince.  What an experience!  I forgot to mention Jen already has other children and has taken it upon herself to make hundreds of dolls for all of the children being adopted and their siblings.  It's Isnaika's first doll.  It was great to meet Jen.  Jen also helped me get Isnaika's hand prints and footprints. 

I was also fortunate enough to meet the Scott and Melissa.  They are adopting Naika.  They have adopted others and have an amazing story of how they were led to Naika.  Naika is such a sweet girl who has special needs and it was clear that Scott and Melissa are the perfect parents for her. 

So, it was great getting to sit in the hotel courtyard on the nice, soft sofas...hanging out with the other parents.  Even better was to be able to celebrate the holidays with them.  They first had halloween and dressed the kids up.  We also had birthday parties which were fun.  I brought mix and frosting to make cupcakes, but when Melissa offered me one of her cupcakes, I couldn't resist.  We broke out and sang Happy Birthday to Isnaika!  I missed her birthday by a week.  What a celbration.  I'll post pics of Isnaika in her birthday crown, shirt, and tutu.  She was so cute.  She didn't take to the icing very well.  She must not have ever had sweets.  My mom says to keep her off sweets as long as possible! 

Another fun activity we were able to do was SWIM.  Wow, that was nice.  First of all, because it's so hot in Haiti.  Second of all because Isnaika had never experienced that before.  The first time we did, she was kicking and splashing everywhere...just loving it!  On another occasion, I took her in the pool and she fell asleep in my arms in the pool. 

All week long, I kept asking if I'd be able to meet Isnaika's birth mother.  They told me that she was too hard to reach and lived far away.  I'll post about this adventure next.